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A Journal For A New Generation

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  • aplacetotellit@livejournal.com
This is your safe haven, your home, your escape from the judgments of everyday life. Write anything you want - a confession, a fantasy, a dream, a story, a poem. Vent about anything. Even ask for advice. You can post anonymously or choose to sign off with a nickname or LJ link. This is your place to say whatever you want and be heard.

Login and start telling your story now, but please read the rules before posting.

username: aplacetotellit
password: i'lltalk

Got questions? Please don't post them on the journal. Email them to talesfrommykeyboard@yahoo.com. And read the FAQ below before asking.


1. Nothing too obscene please. Talking about sex is fine and curse words are permitted, (we're all adults, guys. c'mon.) but try to keep crudeness to a minimum. If the mods find anything to be too obscene the post will be removed.

2. Pictures may be posted, but must be posted under an LJ cut (no matter the size). Find out how to make an LJ cut here. No pornographic pictures are permitted.

3. No flaming. Constructive criticism/advice is welcomed, but if any comments are found to be too offensive they will be deleted.

4. Please don't change any settings while logged into this account. This includes layout, password, and anything else. Non-mods are only allowed to post and comment on posts made on this LJ. Please do not comment other LJs using this account. Abuse of this LJ will lead to the site being shut down and the fun being ruined for everyone. Please, please, please be courteous to the others who visit this page and follow all the rules.

5. No advertising! I've been noticing some anonymous comments advertising various things and I delete them whenever I see them, but please be respectful of the site. This isn't a spot for you to advertise a product you're selling.


1. Who is the creator/moderator of this journal and where can I contact him/her?

The mod/creator's name is Alex (smerfgoddess227, facebook.com/themangostar) and she can be contacted at the email above.

2. Can I be a moderator?

At this time, I'm only using people I know and trust to co-moderate, but if you email me I'll definitely think about it.

3. My post was deleted, but it wasn't very obscene. Is it possible that it was deleted by accident?

Most likely not by accident, but if you feel it was you can email the mod and she'll tell you why it got deleted. She may give you an opportunity to edit and repost.

4. Can I comment posts anonymously?

Of course you can. Commenting on your LJ username is encouraged because it helps people meet people with similar interests and ideas and makes it easier for the mods, but you can post anonymously if you feel you must.

5. I see some links on this profile. How can I get my site featured along with the others?

Simply send the name of your site, a link, and a brief description of the site and why you would like it to be featured to Alex (the mod).

This LJ is still a work in progress. We love receiving suggestions, so feel free to email us with your ideas, comments, and concerns.

Thanks for taking part in this, guys.

-The Mod



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Send your banners to the mod's email above.